The DS-3800 in Next G1 Vista from Darton Archery – A Muscle Bow with Manners!


The DS-3800 in Next G1 Vista is the best choice for the majority of serious Bowhunters and/or 3D Shooters; a no compromise bow with speed to burn. The speed this bow is capable of makes judging distance a less critical part of the equation. Some shooters have found that when they switch to the 3800 they can drop down in bow weight and still shoot the same arrows faster and flatter. Because of Darton’s continued efforts to improve, one of the main features that set the 3800 apart from the rest of the crowd is its shootabilty. With its smooth draw cycle, forgiving valley, and dampened shooting characteristics, Darton has truly created “A Muscle Bow with Manners!” Find a dealer on their website at